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Resurfacing Total Hip Replacement

Resurfacing hip replacement surgery has been appearing in the news quite frequently. Resurfacing hip replacement provides low wear and friction and is an option to total hip replacement for many moderately-active and younger individuals.

The surgery involves the placement of the femoral cap over the upper end of the femoral head and sometimes involves lining the hip socket with a metal-plastic liner. This allows a low-friction metal-on-plastic articulation with minimal bone loss. Some conditions of the hip that require hip resurfacing include:


The improvements in wear resistance, the concept for minimizing bone loss and the potential to avoid having a patient undergo a trochanteric osteotomy were some of the reasons to further develop interchangeable bearings. These bearings are able to allow retention of a well-fixed acetabular cup while allowing the surgeon to revise only the femoral component, or the bearing, of the resurfaced hip in the event that revision is necessary.