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A joint is where two bones meet. Joints allow movement and flexibility of various parts of the body. The movement of the bones is cased by muscles which pull on tendons that are attached to bone.

Cartilage covers the end of bones. Between the cartilage of two bones which form a joint there is a small amount of thick fluid called synovial fluid. This fluid 'lubricates' the joint which allows smooth movement between the bones.

The synovial fluid is made by the synovium. This is the tissue that surrounds the joint. The outer part of the synovium is called the capsule. This is tough, gives the joint stability, and stops the bones from moving 'out of joint'. Surrounding ligaments and muscles also help to give support and stability to joints.

Arthroscopic surgery involves exposing a joint, such as the knee or shoulder, through small incisions using special instruments that allow the surgeon to explore and operate microscopically within the joint. Arthroscopy leads to more exacting surgery with

  • Direct visualization
  • Fewer complications
  • Faster recovery

The advantages of using local or regional anesthesia include

  • No pain during or after surgery
  • Reduced recovery times
  • Less discomfort
  • Faster rehabilitation
  • Patients return to work the next day after routine arthroscopic procedures

Dr.Vinay Tantuway has successfully performed many arthroscopic cases, including rotator cuff and anterior cruciate repairs, using only local or regional anesthesia. He is a life member of Indian Arthroscopic Society. Other orthopedic and sports related injuries are treated including total joint replacements. The practice has contracts with Medicare, managed care providers and workman's compensation carriers. When a patient is not covered by a contract, special arrangements can be made.

"Remember, people have arthroscopy for wide ranging diagnoses and preexisting conditions. We also have differences in our body make up. That is why we find that each person's experience with arthroscopic surgery is unique to him or her. Recovery time will also differ. It is very rare that your recovery will be the same as that of a friend or family member who also had "arthroscopic surgery".